A New Way to Tell Your Story

To empower and inspire veterinary professionals in all roles – that is what we set out to do with Vet Med After Hours Podcast and inspired is what we have become! Veterinary professionals do amazing things during and after work, and they work so hard. We are blown away by the things that each of you faces daily, yet you still keep working to make this world a better place!

As we get to know the stories of our guests, we know that we are also hearing the stories of our listeners. We know that there is a little bit of each one of you in our episodes. Yes, that’s right. You know that as someone has told their craziest vet med story, you’ve thought – I’ve seen that or I’ve got one better, and you know that as they reveal their daily challenges, you are nodding your head in agreement. Maybe you’ve been through that challenge, and you found a way to overcome it gracefully. Perhaps you tried ice skating and didn’t love it at all but met an essential person in your life when you tried. It’s the sharing of these stories that build connections, and connections are what we need more of if we are going to heal the veterinary profession. You matter so very much.

When you are working 40-60 hours a week in an emotionally and physically exhausting job, let’s face it – there is no time or energy to build connections. Most of us can barely find time to take care of ourselves and our loved ones, but connections are important so that we don’t feel alone. Alone can look like so many things -it can be a veterinary technician in a single doctor practice in the middle of nowhere Montana, a doctor in a Vegas clinic with well over 100 other employees, a famous speaker who travels most of the year teaching about positivity, or a receptionist who talks to dozens of people a day.

How many of us go home to someone who really understands what the emotions of our day were like? Veterinary medicine is something that you just can’t truly get unless you work in it, and if you are lucky enough to be married to a vet professional, you probably don’t want to talk about it at home! Yes, we have all felt alone, but someone shares your story, and the What Matters Column just might be where you connect. You are not alone in this world – someone else is sharing your journey.

The Vet Med After Hours podcast What Matters Column is an open platform for our listeners to create connections by sharing their stories through the written word. We know that not everyone wants to pick up the microphone but that so many of you have amazing stories to tell. We want to hear your stories of lessons learned, challenges conquered, anxieties relieved, and incredible times. Make us laugh, cry, think, learn, stretch, and grow. These can be articles you write or collections of your journal entries shared anonymously – we just want real, honest veterinary professional stories. Share with us what your day looks like, what your life is like – tell us about a time you asked for help, tell us about a time you reached out and helped someone else – tell us about when you made a change. We know that sharing journals and personal thoughts can be outside of your comfort zone as you become vulnerable. Still, vulnerability is beautiful and, as Brene Brown puts it so gracefully: “Vulnerability is key to connection because it is the courage to be open to another human.”

Our listener articles, blogs, or journal entries of 500-800 words will be published on our website and social media and will become a new series of podcasts as they are read out loud by our co-hosts. We want you to have a chance to hear yourself in even more vet med workers’ stories! Remember that laughter, tears, honesty, failure, pain, fear, joy, and pride are all part of our fantastic roller coaster ride, and experiencing those feelings is how we grow. Be vulnerable, be courageous, and share your stories with us so that we can connect and grow together!

Join us as VMAH starts another chapter in our #vetyoumatter campaign and send us your writings to vetmedafterhours@gmail.com. We can’t wait to support you with our column of connections!