Therapy from a Vet Tech’s Point of View

“I won’t be able to find a therapist who can help me – they don’t understand what it is like in veterinary medicine.” Have you ever heard or thought those words? How about “I can’t ask for help, it will make me seem weak and vulnerable.”? Jamie Holms, RVT gets real and candidly shares the battles she faced as she rose from being the tech who believed she could do it all on her own to the tech who practices asking for help regularly. Jamie’s dry sense of humor and wit punctuates this episode filled with information we all need to hear. In the veterinary field, we treat pets with behavior orders even though we have never been a dog or cat and Jamie helps us understand how to find the right kind of therapy and therapist that can help us even though that therapist has never been a veterinary professional. Take the time to listen to this episode and you will understand asking for help in a way that may never have crossed your mind before. As Jamie says, “*the willingness to ask for help is a huge step towards mental wellness.” So take the first step and listen to this episode today!

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