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We are here to empower and inspire all types of veterinary professionals, and we are asking for your help! There are three ways you can be involved with Vet Med After Hours:

  1.  We are always looking for guests - you or one of your superhero colleagues would be perfect for our conversations. Know someone who thinks they are ordinary, but you know they are extraordinary? Just give us a shout, and we will get it scheduled!
  2.  We are accepting journal excerpts and blog articles for our monthly story hour. Your writings can be anonymous, or it can be your chance to be published! Contact us for details on how to become a Vet Med After Hours writer!
  3.  Alec and Tracy love to talk (and you love to listen!) - send us a topic you would like us to discuss on one of our lunch chats, and we will send you a You Matter wristband!

We know that each of you has a story that is both familiar and unique - drop us a line so we can get to know you!


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