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Meet the Co-hosts

Dr. Tracy Sands

In her daily life as a practice owner, Tracy is on a mission to create a positive view of veterinary medicine among support staff, veterinarians and clients. She feels that in order to create that positivity, it’s important to start at the heart of the veterinary clinic -its culture! A positive veterinary culture can be hard to create in the face of the emotional roller coaster of our days but is developed by empowering support staff, incorporating core values, creating connections, and sharing our journey.

Tracy’s journey started in college where she wanted to do anything but become a veterinarian yet somehow landed a job as a veterinary client care specialist. She quickly became inspired by the superheroes around her and before she knew it was in the field as a mixed animal practitioner. Life happened and her path led her to become a part-time small animal associate and a house-call doctor. Then, most recently, she designed and built a veterinary clinic and pet resort that has allowed her to develop the clinic culture she knew was possible. But, never satisfied with the status quo, Tracy wanted to empower more veterinary professionals than those that shared the trenches with her every day. She started speaking on topics of staff appreciation, building better behaviors, and developing positive clinic cultures. While speaking, she found a love for getting to know the stories of veterinary professionals in all roles of the industry and was struck by the little things that we all have in common. Vet Med After Hours was born so that those stories could be shared with other veterinary professionals in any location. The stories inspire and encourage because we all share the same struggles and we can all find a way to shine our light. Vet Med After Hours is a way to shine that light.

When Tracy is not podcasting, doctoring, or managing, she lives on a small hobby sheep farm with her husband and 2 children. She finds a creative outlet in developing social media graphics, recharges by hanging on the couch or doing yoga with her pups but also loves a good road trip with the family.

Alec Failor

Alec Failor is all about people and his jobs of lead client care specialist and clinic wellness coach allows him to do just that. Alec loves focusing on the wellbeing of staff and believes that a happy staff ensures that each client has an amazing experience.

Like so many of us, veterinary medicine was not Alec’s original career goal. He stumbled upon a job in the field 7 years ago while attending West Chester University. There, Alec started out working as a receptionist in a 24-hour emergency clinic. He was quickly moved to the overnight shift where he became hooked on veterinary medicine soaking up all he could from the emergency doctors he worked with. Always wanting to learn about all facets of what he is doing, Alec moved from overnight shift to working as a room technician where he experienced the struggles and joys of assisting until it was time to leave West Chester and move back near family in central PA.

Using the skills he developed in West Chester, Alec found a busy general practice and worked his way up to assistant manager but still felt something was missing – he wanted a culture that cared for the staff and he needed practice support to build that positive culture. Looking for a change, Alec joined Dr. Sands in her house call practice and has been an integral part of its growth into a multi-doctor clinic and pet resort focused on the well-being of staff and a positive, relaxing experience of the clients and pets. Alec believes positive culture and Fear Free or Low-Stress methods are really how veterinary medicine should be done and is able to see that now in his daily work.

Living through positive and negative experiences in veterinary medicine while climbing the ladder got Alec interested in wanting to hear the journey of others. He loves hearing how each of you fell in love with veterinary medicine and how you are working to improve the profession along the way. This is why Vet Med After Hours is so important to Alec. He wants listeners to know that there are people out there who have struggled just like they have and now they are able to use their voices and struggles to make this profession even better.

Outside of veterinary medicine and podcasting, Alec spends his time competing in Professional Disc Golf tournaments and hanging out with his fiance and kitties. Alec’s mantra is “love you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.” and he takes that into everything he does and hopes to help you find what you love too! Be Who You Are!

We are here to empower and inspire all types of veterinary professionals, and we are asking for your help! There are three ways you can be involved with Vet Med After Hours:

  1.  We are always looking for guests - you or one of your superhero colleagues would be perfect for our conversations. Know someone who thinks they are ordinary, but you know they are extraordinary? Just give us a shout, and we will get it scheduled!
  2.  We are accepting journal excerpts and blog articles for our monthly story hour. Your writings can be anonymous, or it can be your chance to be published! Contact us for details on how to become a Vet Med After Hours writer!
  3.  Alec and Tracy love to talk (and you love to listen!) - send us a topic you would like us to discuss on one of our lunch chats, and we will send you a You Matter wristband!

We know that each of you has a story that is both familiar and unique - drop us a line so we can get to know you!


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