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Veterinary medical professionals have such interesting journeys – we love talking about the realities of veterinary medicine and the unique qualities of these everyday superheroes. Join us as we share the stories of people in all roles of veterinary medicine – people just like you! Through candid conversations, we give a voice to the people of vet med in a time when social media and the internet make it hard for the public to know just who we are. Vet Med After Hours wants veterinary professionals of all types to be empowered and we want the public to know just how amazing the people of this field are. With a few podcast styles to accommodate all types of listeners, we open conversations about management, wellness, career paths, mental health and have a whole lot of fun!

We love to talk,
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Our three most recent episodes are below, but you can listen to all of our episodes by clicking the button below.

Episode 47: “Swimming Upstream”

Episode 47: “Swimming Upstream”

A What Matters Blog Post Look at 2020 - Saye Clement, DVM Are you exhausted? Does the thought of what you haven't achieved over the last year bring you down? Our listener, Dr. Saye Clement shares with us what she just recently realized - we have all been swimming...

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We’ve Got Your Back – Our Veterinary You Matter Campaign

There is something amazing and powerful about the veterinary team, but this job is hard and we are here to help. Empowerment and support of veterinary team members are how we keep this profession alive and we are here because YOU MATTER. Support your teammates by normalizing conversations about mental health and letting them know it is okay to ask for help. Check out our Veterinary You Matter Campaign and “Always Remember – Be Who You Are!

We are here to empower and inspire all types of veterinary professionals, and we are asking for your help! There are three ways you can be involved with Vet Med After Hours:

  1.  We are always looking for guests - you or one of your superhero colleagues would be perfect for our conversations. Know someone who thinks they are ordinary, but you know they are extraordinary? Just give us a shout, and we will get it scheduled!
  2.  We are accepting journal excerpts and blog articles for our monthly story hour. Your writings can be anonymous, or it can be your chance to be published! Contact us for details on how to become a Vet Med After Hours writer!
  3.  Alec and Tracy love to talk (and you love to listen!) - send us a topic you would like us to discuss on one of our lunch chats, and we will send you a You Matter wristband!

We know that each of you has a story that is both familiar and unique - drop us a line so we can get to know you!


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